DAYE DESARROLLO AGRÍCOLA, in collaboration with IBEROGREEN, offers the following services, based on PCR Methodology, which provides innovative solutions in plant health and plant pathology to the agri-food industry, with a modern infrastructure combined with a highly qualified team and extensive experience in the sector:


  • Analysis focused on the detection, identification and quantification of phytopathogens that includes bacteria, fungi, viruses and viroids, phytoplasmas, insects and nematodes using molecular genetic techniques.


  • Realization of soil biodiversity studies based on real-time quantitative PCR techniques (qPCR) as well as diagnostic and quantification work on soil-borne pathogenic organisms that affect the crops (oomycetes, fusarium, nematodes ... etc). Disposition of the most current methodologies for soil analysis.


  • Molecular analysis of biofertilizing or biological phytosanitary products to offer objective information about the species (or strain) used, as well as its concentration in the product.


  • Identification and determination of species and varieties to avoid varietal fraud and ensure the protection of the different protected plant varieties.

  • Analysis of geographic origin and adulterating species in D.O.P.

  • Comprehensive advice for sampling design, sample handling and preservation, as well as shipment to the laboratory, with the aim of ensuring quality standards in the most fundamental step of the analysis process: sampling and sampling


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